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Vancouver's mugshare program is tackling pollution one cup at a time

Originally posted by the DailyHive

By Manisha Singh

Some of the best cafes in the world call Vancouver home, which means there are a heck of a lot of cups being used and thrown away every single day.

In fact, 2.6 million cups per week are thrown out in Vancouver alone, a phenomenon costing the city $2.5 million annually to dispose of.

But thankfully, there’s a solution.

The snazzy black mugs with teal blue lids that you’ve seen around town don’t just look great; they’re part of a mug-sharing program that’s tackling pollution here in our city.

The Vancouver-based company, mugshare, started the social impact program back in 2016 to provide a safe and reusable alternative to single-use cups.

The way it works is, you order a drink at any mugshare partner location and ask for a mugshare mug. You pay a $5 deposit, enjoy your drink and return your mug at any mugshare location for your reimbursement.

Here is a list of mugshare partner locations:

  • Café Super Veloce – 1067 W Cordova Street, Vancouver

  • Di Beppe Caffé – 2 W Cordova Street, Vancouver

  • Giovane Caffé ​- 1049 W Cordova Street, Vancouver

  • JJ Bean Coffee Roasters – 6005 University Boulevard, Vancouver and 740 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

  • Chickpea – 4298 Main Street, Vancouver

  • Dalina – 687 Main Street, Vancouver and 992 West Broadway, Vancouver

  • Continental Coffee House – 1806 Commercial Drive, Vancouver and 4295 Main Street, Vancouver

With so many awesome spots on the list, there’s no reason not to switch over to the environmentally friendly alternative.

So during the season of giving, consider giving back to the community at large and helping the environment with a reusable mug, especially since starting January 1, 2022, the City of Vancouver will charge a $0.25 fee for every individual-use cup.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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