our story

Back in 2016, a group of sustainability-minded students from Common Energy at the coffee-fueled University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC decided that our coffee habit had become a problem. Single-use cups were everywhere—in our classrooms, in our bins, and even in our dreams. We tried our best to use our own reusable mugs, but we lost them, or forgot them, or used them last week and we just really weren't in the mindset to deal with that week-old latte residue.



This revelation led to a number of innovative solutions to create a mug sharing program that solved the issues we faced, while at the same time being convenient, accessible, and effective. Through collaboration and a number of successes and failures (don’t ask about the vending machine), a system was refined and piloted at cafes across the University of British Columbia in early 2019. The results? Well, consider this an open invitation to come watch mugshare grow and expand with us!



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