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mugshare is a social impact program that provides a safe, reusable alternative to single-use cups through a convenient deposit-return system.

It was created by a group of UBC students in 2016 in an effort to shift the norm on single-use waste, without putting the burden of responsibility on individuals.

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mugshare is committed to leading with an equity-based and decolonizing approach that is grounded in community, reciprocity, and gratitude. We strive to uphold safe and inclusive environments for our partners, mugsharers, and team
by prioritizing transparency and humanity and by seeking to reduce barriers to participation. 


Together, our partners and mugsharers help us move toward our vision of a just transition to a circular economy and we invite everyone in our community to openly challenge us, create with us, and hold us accountable to our commitments.

The problem,
and the solution...

In the city of Vancouver, up to 2.6 million single-use cups are thrown out every week, costing the city $2.5 million annually to collect. These polycoated cups make up 22% of all city litter, ending up in the streets, in the landfill, and in our oceans.


We need a new system — and Vancouverites are ready! Over 80% of Vancouver residents think reducing single-use items is important, and that quick-serve restaurants or cafes should provide reusable options.

By building a community of partners and mugsharers in Vancouver and beyond, we're working together to decrease reliance on single-use cups and help address the harm created by linear ‘make-take-waste’ models.


Through a simple deposit-return model, mugshare strives to make it easy for anyone to enjoy a drink on the go, without the waste.

Join us as a partner... a mugsharer  — or both!

*Stats from the City of Vancouver's Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy



are thrown out

in our city

every week

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