How does mugshare work?

Check out our super simple how-to guide here. If you can’t find your answer there or in our FAQs, please get in contact with our team!

How are your mugs more sustainable than disposable coffee cups? Aren’t disposable cups recyclable?

First, disposable, single-use items are completely bonkers. Can you imagine if you threw out your clothes, or your laptop, or your car every time you used it? While these are extreme examples, it shows how inefficient single-use disposable items are. Creating huge amounts of these items that are only used for a few minutes before being thrown out adds up over time, even if they are small. Second, disposable cups aren’t always recycled. While we’re lucky here in Vancouver to have a system that recycles these cups, only certain kinds can be recycled, and the system takes a ton of energy to separate the paper outside of a cup from its plastic inner lining. Plus, only the paper part of the cup is recyclable - the plastic lining is thrown out. If you don’t believe us, check out the City of Vancouver’s Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy—there’s tons of information in there, and mug share has been considered as one of the strategies to solve the issue! Our reusable mugs can be used thousands of times and we ask our partners to hang on to all mugs that have reached their end-of-life so that our team can collect and steward their recycling process, ensuring that the material stays in our economy - not leaked into our environment. As policy and innovation evolves around food-safe recycled content, we're hopeful that old mugs could be locally manufactured directly back into new mugs for the program! References: Recycle BC The City of Vancouver

How do you ensure the mugs are clean and safe to share?

All of our partners are equipped with industrial dishwashers, which they use to clean and sanitize used mugs. They are treated the same as any for-here dishware that you would use in a onsite setting at a cafe or restaurant.

What happens if I damage a mug, or am given a damaged mug?

Damaged mugs, unfortunately, are not able to be returned for the $5 deposit. However, we have done extensive research to find a durable, long-lasting mug for the program! Treat it with care and you shouldn't have a problem. If you end up with a damaged mug, please get in touch with us or simply return it to any partner cafe so we can ensure it is recycled properly - please don’t throw them away!

Where can I pick up/drop off mugs?

At any of our partner locations! See them all here.

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How long can I keep the mug for? What happens if I forget to return a mug?

You can technically keep your mug as long as you like—but we encourage you to return your mug so it can be used by another person! If you lose a mug, that’s okay, it happens! There’s no penalty for losing a mug other than that you can’t return it to get your $5 deposit back. So keep an eye on them!

How do I become a mugshare partner?

We'd love to partner with your cafe, restaurant, event, office, school, or wherever you need mugs! Check out our partners page for more information, and contact us to get started!

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